Our Legacy of Success


EVA Components (Pty) Ltd is founded
EVA Components (Pty) Ltd is established by Budget Footwear (Pty) Ltd (Budget) to produce EVA based footwear sheeting for Budget's own consumption. Up to this point Budget's footwear sheeting was imported from Taiwan, localising the production was a logical decision. EVA Components (Pty) Ltd grows and broadens its product offering to supply other sectors, such as the Shoe Repair, Orthopaedic and Industrial markets. The Company is based in Milner Street, Jacobs, Durban South, and employs +- 40 staff.


EVA Industries (Pty) Ltd is born
Bata Shoe Company (Pty) Ltd (Bata) and EVA Components (Pty) Ltd amalgamate to form one company, now called EVA Industries (Pty) Ltd (EVA). Bata moves their Loskop based plant, under the management of Rudi Geyser and Brandon Geyser, to the existing EVA manufacturing plant in Milner Street, Jacobs, Durban South. The company grows in staffing and breaches the 100 staff compliment mark.


Partnership with Bata ends
The Bata / EVA partnership lasts only one year, and Bata decides to exit as a shareholder with Budget controlling 100% of the Shareholding. Budget then dispose of 50% of the shareholding in EVA to Rudi Geyser and Brandon Geyser in equal portions. Rudi Geyser becomes Managing Director and Brandon Geyser assumes the position of Sales Director at EVA. EVA starts supplying soling material, injection moulded components and upper materials to other shoe factories, in order to increase turnover. The local footwear market is stimulated by EVA's supply as Footwear Manufacturers can source locally produced materials.


EVA Industries continues to grow
Rudi Geyser and Brandon Geyser acquire a further 25% of EVA, each, through a further management buyout from Budget, which take the respective shareholdings to 50/50. The next seven years proved to be the most difficult era in the company's history to date, as South African retailers went offshore in search of cheaper, imported footwear. As EVA's customer base starts to rapidly erode, with overhead costs escalating, the Directors decide that Footwear is too risky and seek diversification. EVA purchases its first Double Blown (2-Stage) Foaming Press, with the intention of supplying the Agricultural, Automotive, and Industrial sectors of the economy. EVA employs +- 150 staff


EVA becomes ISO 9001 accredited
Rudi Geyser disposes of his 50% shareholding in EVA to John Moffat Prolock (Pty) Ltd (JMP), a Convertor Company of Industrial materials, in order to retire. JMP purchases a further 1% from Brandon Geyser resulting in a new shareholding structure of 51% JMP and 49% Brandon Geyser. JMP’s influence, combined with new Directors on board, EVA starts to focus more on the Industrial Customers, which results in a turnover mix of 50% Footwear and 50% Industrial. EVA starts supplying a Netherlands based company, which specialises in Podiatry / Specialised insole material, who supplies local and neighbouring countries in Europe. EVA becomes ISO 9001 accredited.


EVA acquires Natal Gaskets (Pty) Ltd
EVA acquires Natal Gaskets (Pty) Ltd (NG), a company that specialises in converting materials and gaskets to the industrial and automotive sectors, as part of its intent to grow non footwear customers.


Local manufacture booms
Around 2013 the South Africa retailers start realising that they have forfeited quick response times in delivery, for price, and start to look for local manufacturers. Foreign companies’ minimum order quantities start to become less sustainable, quick replenishment becomes the new retail buzzword, and EVA is conveniently placed to manufacture for this new retail model.


Natal Gaskets partnership ends
EVA disposes of NG as JMP seeks to restructure its Holdings.


Management buyout
Endura Capital (Rowan Tilbury) purchases 50% of EVA Industries (Pty) Ltd and Brandon Geyser purchases 1% from John Moffat Prolock (JMP). This forms part of a management buyout in which JMP was busy rationalising its investment entities. Rowan Tilbury (Endura Capital) assumes the position of Commercial Director. EVA continues to focus its production on the growing direct Footwear supply market as retailers buy more locally. EVA starts building direct relationships with Edgars, Mr Price Group and Woolworths as a preferred local supplier of Beach Thongs (Flip Flops). EVA continues its supply to all existing Industrial, Component and Converter Companies who are exposed to Agriculture, Automotive, Mining and Building Industry sectors. EVA becomes ISO 14001 and SEDEX accredited which adds to the ISO 9001 accreditation that it maintains. EVA grows its footwear manufacturing capacity to +- 100 000 pairs per month and employs +- 220 staff.


EVA manufactures beach thongs
EVA starts manufacturing Beach Thongs for Retailability (Pty) Ltd and The Foschini Group Limited (TFG) as the local retailers continue to find and support local manufacturing capability. EVA commences with producing material for a USA based manufacturer of nail buffers / sanding blocks. EVA starts supplying chipped EVA foam material to Schmitz Foam Products B.V. in the Netherlands, as part of its Green Initiative. EVA extends its commitment to cleaner energy by installing a Bio-Mass Boiler, in which a blended ‘inhouse’ material using wood chips generates steam for the Production Process.1 EVA grows footwear manufacturing capacity to +- 200 000 pairs per month and employs +- 300 staff.


EVA sells minority shares as it commits to BBBEE requirements
EVA concludes a minority sale of shares to SA based Education Trust (SIDALA) as part of its commitment to satisfying legislative BBBEE requirements. EVA remains the preferred supplier to local and international converter clients, having maintained relationships for more than 15 years in many instances. EVA's footwear manufacturing capacity ranges from 300 000 – 400 000 pairs per month and employs +- 450 staff at peak production.