At EVA Industries, we partner with leaders in a number of sectors and industries to provide the highest quality EVA products, which best suit their needs.  We work with our clients to develop a product which will adhere to their quality specifications and meet their specific application requirements.


Anti-Fatigue Dairy / Livestock and Horse Mats, Customised Livestock and Equine Anti-Slip Box Trailer Mats.


Protective packaging for car parts, Foam Seals and Gaskets, Sound absorption and soundproofing, Insulation for air-conditioning systems, dunnages for electronic equipment.


Eave & ridge sealers, door and window seals, underlay for laminate floors, pipe insulation, foam sealing strips for waterproof and dustproof roof sheets, duct lining, foam washers and gaskets, expansion joint filler foam, foam for acoustic insulation, thermal insulation material, roofing materials for sealing and insulation, door and window sealing strips.


Packaging inserts for tools, vibration insulation.

Footwear & Orthopedic

EVA foam sheets for beach thongs, soling material, orthotic insoles, PVC and TPR Soling and Straps / Vamps.


Foam padding in backpacks, foam mats for camping & exercise, interlocking foam mats for gym floors, Liners and for helmets & canoes, foam rollers, buoyancy & floatation devices.


Floating pontoons, floating docks, buoyancy foam, underlay for boat deck, foam inside lifejackets.


Branded Beach Thongs, foam cushions for spectators, foam hands for sporting events, foam Peaks.

Manufacturing & Workplace

Noise reduction of industrial machinery and equipment, sound absorption for offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, lecture rooms, libraries, and sports arenas, heat Insulation for air conditioner units, duct Lining and tubing.

Specialised PPE applications

Sound insulation in Headgear, Electronic and weapon packaging, anti-vibration inserts, helmet liners, foam Dunnage, body armour cushioning, protective wear, anti-fatigue mats in the workplace.

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