EVA Industries, established in 1978, takes pride in manufacturing high quality EVA, EPDM, PE, Natural Rubber, PVC and TPR materials and products, which consistently exceed the expectations of our local and international customers.
EVA also manufactures completed Beach Thongs, from concept and design to assembling and packing the final product and has established long standing supply arrangements with the most prominent blue-chip retailers in the country. EVA also manufactures and converts (inhouse) various types of specialised foam and rubber products, some of which are exported to various locations around the world, to a multitude of industries who in turn satisfy a wide spectrum of applications.

EVA has, wherever possible, endeavoured to focus on continuous improvement and has embraced the operational standards set by institutions such as ISO and SEDEX for good factory management. The emphasis on training and development makes use of both internal training, guidance and employee development and external third-party training and education service providers. This blended approach makes for well-rounded training and development which has, over the past several years, yielded significant improvement in both employee and factory performance. The factory is based in the industrial node of Jacobs, Durban, South Africa, which is conveniently positioned close to the harbour and major distribution centres to ensure ease of supply and delivery.